Ceiling Repairs/Popcorn Removal

Popcorn Ceiling Patching and Repair
by the Patch Doctors

Ceiling Repairs/Popcorn Removal

Water leak? Old popcorn ceiling? Let The Patch Doctors fix the problem by patching the hole and blending textures. We can remove your old popcorn ceilings and re-texture them to a fresh modern look.

Say Goodbye to Outdated Popcorn Ceiling

If you have are a homeowner of a property built back to 70s or 80s, chances are you still have a popcorn ceiling. This old ceiling types collect dust, is hard to clean and not in fashion anymore. Luckily, The Patch Doctors are here to give you a popcorn ceiling removal or textured ceiling repair services. We remove, retexture and reinvent your ceilings according to today’s trends.

Our highly skilled team specializes in the removal of popcorn ceiling and re-texturize it to look sleek and modern. Investing in the removal of popcorn ceiling not only increases property’s value, but it also makes it look elevated and elegant. With years of market experience, we have mastered the art of ceiling removal with a process that leaves excellent results.

Why Choose Us

The Patch Doctors is the most suitable solution when it comes to satisfying your queries about popcorn ceiling removal near me. Our skill and experience in the industry allow us to deliver a service that shows professionalism and commitment. We know that you have especial value for your home and we take utmost care to ensure you get the service you deserve. We do not leave any clutter after cleaning and leave a more beautiful texture.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal by Experts

Our experts at The Patch Doctors specialize in the removal, patching and retexturing of popcorn ceilings. While this type had its fair share of popularity, you can hardly see them in modern homes. Removal of popcorn ceiling is difficult, and that is why our trained professional are here with their expertise. If you seek popcorn ceiling patching or complete removal, we are your best choice.

Our service process simple with very few yet practical steps. These include:

  • Removal of furniture, light fixtures and switches from the room
  • Covering floors and walls plastic sheets
  • Using sprayed water on the ceiling for easy removal
  • Skim coating of any damaged surface to ensure smooth surface before sanding
  • Application of fresh coat of paint (color of your choice)

The crew we dispatch has all the necessary skills and training to ensure an effective removal with no hassle.

Update Your Home Interior

Popcorn and textured ceiling repair service offered by The Patch Doctors breathe a new life to your home interiors. Your house looks outdated with the application of popcorn ceiling as that trend died out years ago. With proper removal and retexturing, we can update your ceiling and bring the design in accordance with today’s design trends.

Benefits You Receive

For starters, popcorn ceiling removal gives a modern and sleek look to your home aesthetic. Your ceiling service starts to turn yellow, and material starts to deteriorate if it gets too old. Removal and fresh paint allow your ceilings to look fresh and updated. Moreover, old ceilings contain asbestos that we will remove along with popcorn ceiling, making your home air safe for everyone.

Ceiling Repair near Me

The Patch Doctors is your best solution to all popcorn ceiling removal and updating issues. You can contact us for a free estimate or give us a detail of your requirement on our contact page form. We promise to deliver a service worth considering and we never back down from our commitment.